Nairobi, Kenya

YALI Alumni Expo & Trade Show

The YALI Alumni Expo and Trade Show will convene current YALI participants, alumni, and other stakeholders, to connect, network, learn, reflect, and celebrate. The Expo will also serve as a platform to reveal and promote a unified YALI Africa brand.

Convene, Connect and Celebrate

YALI is hosting the first Alumni Expo and Trade Show in Nairobi, Kenya in November 2024. The three-day event will feature YALI alumni, U.S. and African government officials, investors, partners, universities, and civil society organizations.

Create networking opportunities

Showcase innovations from the continent

Connect alumni and entrepreneurs with investors and the African diaspora

Enhance the YALI Africa brand visibility



    • USAID
    • ASU
    • FHI
    • EGU
    • ADN
    • GEEKS
    • KU
    • UNISA
    • CESAG
    • GIMPA